RAL Quality mark

Background and Meaning

The RAL quality mark 966 - solar energy systems

Not everyone has a sense of quality and a feeling for quality. But everyone wants it.

End customers and consumers, municipal and private clients, companies and corporations – they all rely on test methods and bundled expertise in the form of a RAL quality mark. Manufacturers as well as suppliers and especially the executing companies – they all demonstrate their sense of quality by wearing a RAL quality mark.

The RAL quality mark

Not everyone is allowed to wear it. Only those who have gone through the defined audit process can become a licensed partner of a RAL quality association. Both audits and recertifications are carried out using the general quality and test provisions of the RAL German Institute for Quality Assurance and Labeling.

In the process, the requirements for wearing a RAL quality mark are checked. Finally, the quality association decides on the allocation of the quality mark 966 solar energy systems.

The RAL quality mark 966 solar energy systems stands for the reliability and quality of the labeled products and providers.

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Additional information:

RAL Quality association for solar systems + Storage e.V.

GZ 966: Implementation provisions for the award and use of the quality mark

RAL German Institute for Quality Assurance and Labeling e. V.

General quality and test regulations for solar energy systems

The RAL quality mark 966 – solar energy systems

  • The RAL quality mark 966 – for solar energy systems – includes photovoltaics, solar thermal and battery storage systems as well as the technologies directly coupled with them.
  • As part of the auditing process, the prescribed procedure of the German Institute for Quality Assurance (RAL) is used.
  • After successfully completing the procedure, the licensed holder of the quality seal 966 may use it in their correspondence and external presentation.
  • By wearing the seal of approval 966, the licensed partner undertakes to comply with the quality standard in the applicable quality and test regulations.
  • The Quality Association is responsible for monitoring and documenting updates and adjustments for the wearing of the 966 quality seal.
  • This strictly regulated procedure ensures that the informed customer is made aware of the commitment to quality at a glance.
  • Our goal is to protect end customers from dangerous end products so that the rapidly expanding renewable energies sector is not slowed down by negative press.
  • Fulfilling this requirement is one of the tasks of the quality association – and that can only be achieved with partners who want to meet the same standards. This is what we expect from those who have been awarded the 966 quality mark.